Week students

You can attend private lessons on a weekly basis with Bent Branderup here at Lindegården in Denmark. You must have reached and understood the basic level of Academic Riding in order to attend lessons with Bent.


Lessons with Bent Branderup - just for members of the Knighthood:
Price per week (1 lesson a day), Monday-Friday: 3500,00 DKK/ 500 €  (excl. Tax)


Lessons with Kathrin Branderup-Tannous:Price per week (1 lesson a day), Monday-Friday: 1750,00 DKK/ 250 €  (excl. Tax)


Price per day per horse: 150 DKK/20 € (excl. Tax), straw and daily visit on a paddock included, mucking out of the horse boxes and hay for the horse are not included.


Where to stay:

We can offer you rooms here at Lindegården.
A bed is 200,00 DKK/30 €(excl. tax) per night. We offer one double bedroom and one single bedroom.

You will share the kitchen and living room with our practicants.


For more information please contact us:

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New in 2017:

Public Morning Work

You are welcome to visit us any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday day from 11 to 14.If you plan on coming please let us know one day in advance by sending a message to

0045 30 63 16 74.

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK

Public Evening work
takes place ONLY

Wednesday June 7th 2017
Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK