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The first volume of the new book series about the Academic Art of Riding:


Beziehungspflege / Horsemanship


German & English

Bent Branderup (ed.)
Müller-Rüschlikon, 2017

Vol. 2: Bodenarbeit / Groundwork


German & English

B. Branderup (ed.)
Müller-Rüschlikon,  new in June 2018



Vol. 3: Longenarbeit / Longework


German & English

B. Branderup (ed.)

Autumn 2018


Can be preordered soon.

Bent Branderup has published several books, both about the Art of Riding and about old horse breeds. Here we present a few of them. These ones can be purchased by ordering them at your local book store or online. Our partner takes care of international shipping. Some of the books are available as e-books, but we strongly recommend to choose the printed version. You will enjoy the layout and the pictures much more in the high quality print!

Academic Art of Riding -
A riding method for the ambitious leisure rider

Bent Branderuup

Cadmos, 2014

Die Logik hinter den Biegungen - Gustav Steinbrecht neu erklärt
Bent Branderup, Annika Keller
Kosmos, 2016

Knabstrupper & Frederiksborger: Royal Danois- Dänemarks Königspferde

English & German
Bent Branderup
Cadmos, 2017

Renaissance Reiten nach Antoine de Pluvinel


Bent Branderup
Cadmos, 2003

Akademische Reitkunst - 
Eine Reitlehre für anspruchsvolle Freizeitreiter

(sold out at the moment)

Bent Branderup

Cadmos, 2013

Barockes Reiten nach F.R. de la Guérinière

Bent Branderup

Cadmos, 2006