Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup®

Find a Trainer

Find a licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer who is close to you or travels to your area.  Get in contact and find the best possible support on your way to the Academic Art of Riding. Start your search here:

You are looking for high quality equipment?
Learn more about the saddles Bent Branderup developed and get to know a small collection of high quality products he uses himself and recomends to his students. 

Online Films


The Online Horse Academy provides the latest educational films by Bent Branderup and licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers in German and English.

Online Tuition

The Academic Art of Riding is speading world wide. But even if you live far away from any qualified trainer, you have the chance to get online tuition by Bent Branderup or one of his licensed trainers. You can decide yourself, whom you would like to ask for guidance.



The Knighthood

Get to know a community of dedicated riders in the Academic Art of Riding: the Knighthood. We want to reach the highest possible level, without neglecting the rules of nature.