Bent Branderups aim in life is to revive the art of riding and the work of the old masters. His goal is to make the knowledge about the art of riding accesible for everybody, to spread the teaching and to help as much riders and horses as possible.

Therefore, he travels every weekend to another place throughout Europe to give lectures and educate riders.


Clinics are open for everybody. You can participate in a clinic in two ways: as a rider or as a surveyor. As a rider you will be receiving private tuition with your own horse and participate in the theory lessons.
The theory lessons will, naturally, contain information about the Academic Art of Riding. As a surveyor you will be able to watch the riders and participate in the theory lessons. Everybody who is interested in the Academic Art of Riding is welcome to participate during the theory lessons and to watch the riders during their lessons. The riding participants should be riding instructors. The maximum amount of participants who will be riding is eight.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the organisers directly for more information.

We are looking forward meeting you.