Good equipment can be hard to find

Bent Branderup is always looking for high quality products that he can use himself and recommend to his customers. Very often he can not find a solution that he would be satisfied with and designs own equipment. Examples are the saddle "Bent Branderup® Education Saddle", the  "Bent Branderup® School Saddle" and the "Bent Branderup® Education Pad" .

The Bent Branderup® Education Pad with the unique pattented design it is treeless and can easily be fittet (by the trainer or the rider) to both the horses back and the individual anatomy of the riders seat. This pad must not be used with stirrups.

The Bent Branderup® Education Saddle is a leather tree saddle, designed for the use with stirrups for the academic rider This "Education Saddle" is made for the education of both horse and rider. Regarding the design and the features that make it easy to fit to both horse and rider, the Education Saddle resembles the Education Pad, but it has an iron in the front and in the rear and the leather tree gives it more stability.

Within the coming months we will also release a new version of the classical "Bent Branderup® School Saddle". It is designed for the educated rider, has a leather tree, two irons and stirrups, can be customized in many regards and has a classical design with two galleries. Among the improvements that have been made on this model is that it is better to fit to a bigger variety of both horses and riders than previous models were.

You will also find decent but but durable, high quality saddle blankets in the collection.  They are available both for Bent Branderup® Saddles.

The collection is growing and step by step more of the products that Bent developed and uses himself will be available as "Bent Branderup® Products".

One of the most popular items is the cavecon. It is delivered with a ganache strap (not in the picture)  that can be used or taken off.
Many years of experience in working with different cavecons led to the design of this tool with many special details.

A high quality longe in the right length with a unique safey feature fits perfectly to the cavecon. Both cavecon and longe are available in brown and black.

In the future there will be some more tools available in the collection of Bent Branderup® Products.

If you want to have a look at the complete collection, follow this link to our partner

or ask your local sales partner. There you will also find some nice gifts like the AAoR Thermo Cup for friends of the Academic Art of Riding.