Fundamental Ideals of the Knighthood

To the Members of the Knighthood riding is an art, the art of living, giving quality in life to both man and horse. We want to reach the highest possible level, without neglecting the rules of nature.

  • Using systematic gymnastic exercises to promote the horse’s physical and mental well being.
  • Using dressage for the horse, not the horse for dressage.
  • Looking upon dressage as an art that offers horse and man a task in their life that can be performed with dignity until a great age.
  • Honouring the art of riding in a celebrating manner.
  • Enlarging the circle of those who are dedicated to this art.

The Knight’s ideal is to balance the horse, making the horse light in the front and lowering the haunches, while the horse is always searching for a forward-downward stretching contact with the rider’s hand.

The rider is leading the horse’s hips between his legs and its shoulders between the reins.

The curb is used with one hand only. Its main purpose is to keep the horse supple.

The skull is placed in a position to the hip, so that the shape of the spine between the scull and the hip is able to enter a continuous flexion, in a state of relaxed activity.

The main aid is the point of weight deep in the stomach of the rider melting together with the horse searching for the feeling of a Centaur:


"Two spirits who want to do what two bodies can do"


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