Ylvie Fros


"I live to develop my mind, my body and the mind and body of my horses, and am passionate about passing my knowledge and experience on to other horse lovers. I combine my knowledge of teaching, Centered Riding, the
human body and the Academic Art of Riding as a full package for the development of all types of horses and riders."


Level: Squire, bending of the haunches test

Additional qualifications: Centered Riding instructor/clinician level IV apprentice, Zen Bodytherapy® en Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy® Practitioner, Teacher in Biology, Didactics & Communication skills

Teaching services: Weekend clinics, Training horses, Week students, Working students
Online tuition: yes

Language of instruction: Dutch, English, German, French (in Progress)

Willing to travel/areas: Globally

Instagram: ylviefros


www.ylviefros.nl  and www.artofriding.org


Marion van de Klundert


"It is bringing me answers on my everlasting quest to ride horses in harmony. It is my vocation to share this passion with my pupils."


Level: Knight, bending of the haunches test

Additional Qualifications: bachelor of science in animal husbandry, longe-test

Teaching services: weekend-clinics, one day clinics, private lessons, courses

Language of instruction: Dutch, English

Language of instruction: Dutch, English

Instagram: marionvandeklundert




Eef Nibbelink


"For me the Academic Art of Riding is about achieving the best communication possible: when two minds think as one. That is the magic that I try to share with others.”


Level: Squire, bending of the haunches test

Additional qualifications: Master in organizational psychology

Teaching services: Weekend clinics, one day clinics, courses, private lessons
Online tuition: no

Language of instruction: Dutch, English

Willing to travel/areas: Europe
Instagram: Eef.nibbelink




Celine van der Stroom


"Academic art of riding is a life changing journey for human and horse. Mental en physical balance can be found in a way that horses not only look beautiful during training, but also get this feeling themselves. Every day gives me new information to make progress to become the best horse trainer and teacher of my students. My passion is to share knowledge, because knowledge is only worthy if it is shared with others."


Level: Squire

Teaching services: private lessons, one day clinics, weekend clinics, theory lectures, training horses, week students, working students/internships


Online tuiton: Yes

Language of instruction: English, Dutch

Willing to travel/areas: Worldwide once or twice a year


Instagram: celinevanderstroom

Website: www.celinevanderstroom.nl