Kathrin Branderup - Tannous 


"I am passionate about horses and addicted to riding. This is what I live for, and I love telling others about the secrets that make it feel so amazing."


Level: Squire

Teaching services: week students, clinics, private lessons

Willing to travel/Areas: Worldwide

Language of instruction: Danish, German, English



Sales Partner of the "Branderup by Stübben"

Maria D Cheung


"For me the Academic Art of Riding has been, and still is, a journey towards knowledge, awareness and feeling of body and mind of both horse and rider."


Level: Knight

Teaching services: One day clinics, weekend clinics, private lessons, training horses

Language of instruction: Danish and English

Willing to travel/Areas: Worldwide




Michelle Wolf

"The Art of Riding is the art and wisdom of communication and understanding the minds and bodies of the equipage, a never ending journey of the beauty in learning."

Level: Knight

Additional qualifications: Piaffe test, working with School halt and Levade.

Trimming hooves on 25 horses for 7 years. Many years of experience with all different kind of horses and stallions. Seat training, young horses and correction horses and further education.

Teaching services: One day clinics, weekend clinics, training horses, private lessons, week students and taking working students 

Language of instruction: danish, swedish, norwegian and english

Willing to travel/areas: Anywhere, as long as I can speak the language


Sales Partner of the "Branderup by Stübben"