Kathrin Branderup - Tannous 


"I am passionate about horses and addicted to riding. This is what I live for, and I love telling others about the secrets that make it feel so amazing."


Level: Squire

Teaching services: week students, clinics, private lessons

Willing to travel/Areas: Worldwide

Language of instruction: Danish, German, English



Sales Partner of the "Branderup by Stübben"

Katrine Buur

Academic principles make it possible to be fair and considerate of the horse’s body, mind and motivation – not only as an end-result, but – throughout the process. ”Go to him with kindness, bring him the gift of connection and teach him the forgotten language. He WILL be the big soft wave, bringing you safe to shore.”

Level: Squire
Additional qualifications: Body Awareness instructions
Teaching services: Lessons, clinics, week students, horses in training

Online tuition: yes
Language of instruction: Danish, English
Willingness to travel/areas: Europe


Maja Caspersen

Bent says ”You can’t reach a higher level, than you can feel it...” My life passion is to explore HOW we feel better into the two bodies, and HOW we communicate more competent with our movements. I simply love to feel and live the togetherness and development with horses in the Academic art of riding.

Level: Squire

Additional qualifications: Specialized in bodyawareness training for riders, Movement Communication, Occupational therapist 2008

Teaching services: 1-3 days courses, private lessons, weekstudents

Online tuition: yes

Language of instruction: Danish, English, some Swedish. Willing to travel/areas: Scandinavia, England, Germany, Netherlands


Maria D Cheung


"For me the Academic Art of Riding has been, and still is, a journey towards knowledge, awareness and feeling of body and mind of both horse and rider."


Level: Knight

Teaching services: One day clinics, weekend clinics, private lessons, training horses

Online tuition: yes

Language of instruction: Danish and English

Willing to travel/Areas: Worldwide




Michelle Wolf

"The Art of Riding is the art and wisdom of communication and understanding the minds and bodies of the equipage, a never ending journey of the beauty in learning."

Level: Knight

Additional qualifications: Piaffe test, working with School halt and Levade.

Trimming hooves on 25 horses for 7 years. Many years of experience with all different kind of horses and stallions. Seat training, young horses and correction horses and further education.

Teaching services: One day clinics, weekend clinics, training horses, private lessons, week students and taking working students 

Online tuition: yes

Language of instruction: danish, swedish, norwegian and english

Willing to travel/areas: Anywhere, as long as I can speak the language


Sales Partner of the "Branderup by Stübben"