Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup ®

The Academic Art of Riding is based on the knowledge of old riding masters. Starting with Xenophon, Pluvinel, Guérinière, Newcastle and up to Steinbrecht, just to name the most outstanding masters. Bent Branderups aim in life is to bring back the knowledge of the old masters and to explain their work. Since years he dedicates his time to the art of riding, a never ending journey into the work of the old masters and the work with his own horses and students.

Bent Branderup’s motto “Two spirits who want to do what two bodies can do” includes that he is not only training the horse physically, but also mentally. The thoughtful use of gymnastic excersises should build up the horse and keep it healthy. The Academic Art of Riding begins with the awareness of the horse as a worthy being, a partner in life. The basic is to gather the knowledge and the use of the different aids, to build up a communication between horse and man. The aim is to get physically and mentally so close to the horse so that the spectator gets the impression of a dancing couple. The rider has to take responsibility for the horse that the horse has enough trust in his rider to accept the guidance.

"Two spirits who want to do what two bodies can do"