How to become a Bent Branderup ® Trainer

The general requirement for a license is the active participation in the Knighthood. They are pupils of Bent Branderup since many years.

They have shown their ability to train different horses and/or pupils, which makes them trustworthy and and a reliable partner in the education of horse and rider


The trainer license is valid for one year and demands from the trainer that he/she meets some special regulations:


A Bent Branderup ® Trainer commits to have his/her own work with his/her horse checked and guided by Bent Branderup at least twice a year, and that he/she will continue to develop by improving on -or at least maintaining the - level he/she had during the previous training check.


Furthermore, the Bent Branderup ® Trainer  will have the possibility to participate in update sessions for trainers in the Academic Art of Riding. Participation in at least one of these updates are required for maintaining the license.

An update can be training as a week student, or participation in a special training seminar.

New in 2017:

Public Morning Work

You are welcome to visit us any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday day from 11 to 14.If you plan on coming please let us know one day in advance by sending a message to

0045 30 63 16 74.

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK

Public Evening work
takes place ONLY

Wednesday June 7th 2017
Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK