Jenny Vogel
"The Academic Art of Riding offers the horse and rider an individual
educational journey to deepen their knowledge and connection.
Working together with your horse with your body, mind and soul in
balance gives the essence of art."




Level: Squire
Teaching services: Individual lessons, week students, 1 - 2 days clinics, training of
Additional qualifications: MSc. Naval Architect
Language of instruction: English and Swedish (limited in German)
Willing to travel / Areas: Based in Cape Town, South Africa with the possibility to travel
in Africa.

New in 2017:

Public Morning Work

You are welcome to visit us any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday day from 11 to 14.If you plan on coming please let us know one day in advance by sending a message to

0045 30 63 16 74.

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK

Public Evening work
takes place ONLY

Wednesday June 7th 2017
Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Entrance fee: 20 €/150 DKK