Bent Branderups aim in life is to revive the art of riding and the work of the old masters. His goal is to make the knowledge about the art of riding accesible for everybody, to spread the teaching and to help as much riders and horses as possible.

Therefore, he travels every weekend to another place throughout Europe to give lectures and educate riders.


Clinics are open for everybody. You can participate in a clinic in two ways: as a rider or as a surveyor. As a rider you will be receiving private tuition with your own horse and participate in the theory lessons.
The theory lessons will, naturally, contain information about the Academic Art of Riding. As a surveyor you will be able to watch the riders and participate in the theory lessons. Everybody who is interested in the Academic Art of Riding is welcome to participate during the theory lessons and to watch the riders during their lessons. The riding participants should be riding instructors. The maximum amount of participants who will be riding is eight.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the organisers directly for more information.

We are looking forward meeting you.

Celine Rieck
Celine Rieck

Clinics in 2023

January 21st/22nd István Göblyös, Hungary
January 28th/29th Celine van der Stroom, Netherlands

February 4th/5th Kenneth Vansweevelt, Belgium 

February 11th/12th Anja Hass, Germany (79650 Schopfheim)
February 18nd/19th Celina Skogan, Norway
February 25th/26th Alexandra Bohl, Germany (35683 Dillenburg)


March 4th/5th Lisa Rosenthal, Germany (01471 Radeburg)
March 11th/12th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen)
March 18st/19th Claudia Strauß, Germany (86706 Weichering)
March 25th/26th Anna-Clara Olofsson, Maria Norberg, Anna Lindh, Sweden

April 1st/2nd Michelle Wolf, Denmark
April 8th/9th Pascale Kern, Switzerland
April 15th/16th Anna Eichinger/Viktoria Portugal, Austria (Vienna)
April 22nd/23rd Christofer Dahlgren, Sweden

April 30th/May1st Mareike und Ralf Frehse, Germany (25767Osterrade) 


May 6th/7th Ece Lara Kube, Germany (65201 Wiesbaden)
May 13th/14th Dörte Bialluch Vaz Pinto, Germany (33184 Altenbeken)

May 20th/21st Akademisches Sommerfest Marius Schneider, Germany (46419 Isselburg)

May 27th/28th Elise Nilsson, Sweden


June 3rd/4th Marion Van de Klundert, Netherlands

June 10th/11th Stine Larsen, Norway
June 17th/18th  Yvonne Heynckes, Germany (41372 Niederkrüchten)
June 25th/26th Anna Niering, Germay


June 30th to July 2nd Fair to the Horse, Sweden
July 8th/9th Marius Schneider, Germany (46419 Isselburg)
July 15th/16th Gerlinde Schnapperelle, Germany

August 12th/13th Anja Hass, Germany (79650 Schopfheim)
August 19th/20th Lisa Rosenthal, Germany (01471Radeburg)

August 26th/27th Michelle Wolf, Denmark

September 2nd/3rd Anna-Clara Olofsson, Maria Norberg, Anna Lindh, Sweden

September 9th/10th Eef Nibbelink, Netherlands
September 16th/17th Jossy Reynvoet, Belgium
September 23rd/24th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen)

 September 30th/October 1st Sara Autelo, Finland

October 7th/8th Birgit Huber, Austria
October 14th/15th Claudia Strauß, Germany (86706 Weichering)
October 21st/22nd, Carmen Kutter,  Germany
October 28th/29th Hanna Engström, Sweden

November 4th/5th Corinna Reubold, Germany (64711 Erbach)
November 11th/12th Elise Nilsson, Sweden
November 18th/19th Pascale Kern, Switzerland
Noveber 25th/26th Annick Kihn, Luxembourg 


December 2nd/3rd Imke Eisenschmidt, Germany (24259 Westensee)

December 9th/10th   Marion Van de Klundert, Netherlands
December 16th/17th Celina Skogan, Norway

The normal structure of clinics with Bent Branderup

09.00 - 10.00 am: first part of the theory by Bent Branderup
10.00 am – 14.00 pm: all riders receive their first riding lesson by Bent Branderup
14.00 pm: lunch
15.00 – 16.00 pm: second part of the theory
16.00 – 20.00 pm: all riders receive their second riding lesson by Bent Branderup


09.00 – 10.00 am: third part of the theory by Bent Branderup
10.00 am – 14.00 pm: all riders receive their third riding lesson and a training schedule
14.00 pm: lunch and closure of the weekend clinic by Bent Branderup