Bent Branderup® Trainer

Bent Branderup dedicates his life to the Academic Art of Riding. Over and over again, he studies the old masters, studies his horses and pupils and is questioning his work.

The Academic Art of riding became a life-long study for Bent Branderup. His aim in life is to revive the knowledge and the spirit of the old masters. He teaches and educates people and horses in the Academic Art of Riding since many years, at his stable in Denmark and throughout Europe.

Therefore, more and more people become aware of the Academic Art of Riding. To be able to meet such a demand of interested people from all over the world, Bent Branderup developed a concept of the Bent Branderup® Trainer.

For this concept, Bent Branderup has chosen members of the Knighthood who found their calling in the Academic Art of Riding, and are characterized by their passion for their work with horses. They pay a special attention to their own continuous further and advanced training, always with an eye to future developments. These are the ones who are qualified to teach and call themselves a Bent Branderup® Trainer. Their common ambition is to spread the Academic Art of Riding all over the world, to examine their own work, and to develop themselves together with Bent Branderup and the Academic Art of Riding.

Here you can find all licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers.