Possibilities and prices

If you want to receive online tuition from Bent Branderup during one of the weekends mentioned below, you need to fill out the registration form below. Filling out the form does not guarantee you a place in the tuition program. You will receive a confirmation and an invoice if we can make a reservation for you.

The program includes two lessons á 30 min (one on saturday, one on sunday). Teaching takes place in English, German or Danish. The lessons take place between 10:00 and 14:00. You have a fixed time slot for your lessons.

The weekends that can be booked (more might become available) are so far:
March 28th/29th 2020
April 4th/5th 2020
April 18th/19th 2020

Technical requirements for live online coaching:

- a tablet or smartphone with a good camera

- a good internet connection
- a bluetooth headset
- Skype
- a tripod / pixem / person who holds the camera for you
- space in the riding arena

How to get video feedback if you can not meet the technical requirements mentioned above? In this case you need:
 - a camera /phone/tablet to film your training
- the possibility to upload a film on a platform like Youtube (not listed, send me the link)
- a telephone for international calls or Skype

Durig your lesson  on saturday we will watch the film together during a parallel phonecall and I will give you my feedback on your riding/training + a homework. On saturday afternoon you make another film and we look at that one on sunday and you get "homework" for your further training.

Pricing: 200 € per weekend plus the individual VAT on digital services of your country (for EU and Britain). Customers from 3rd countries will usually not be charged VAT.

Terms and conditions

If you want to send a booking request or if you want to confirm a booking you requested verbally, please use the following form. Before sending it, please read  our

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