Week students

You can attend private lessons on a weekly basis both with Bent Branderup and with Kathrin Branderup-Tannous here at Lindegården in Denmark. You must have reached and understood the basic level of Academic Riding in order to attend lessons with Bent. Kathrin welcomes riders on all levels in her lessons. Visit www.growtogether.today and learn more about Kathrins approach in teaching.

Possibilities and prices

Lessons with Bent Branderup - just for members of the Knighthood:
Price per week (1 lesson a day), monday-friday: 3750,00 DKK/ 500 €  (excl. VAT),
extra lessons on monday and/or friday: 750 DKK/ 100 € each


Lessons with Kathrin Branderup-Tannous:
price per week (1 lesson a day), monday-friday: 1850,00 DKK / 250 €  (excl. VAT)

Kathrin teaches students on all levels. If you are a beginner in the Academic Art of riding, you can book lessons with her and profit from watching Bent riding and teaching his students.


"Assisted homework" with Kathrin for students of Bent (1 lesson per day from monday to thursday): 1500,00 DKK / 200 € (excl. VAT)

Discover how technical understanding can be translated into pictures which help you to realize the art in your own body. For further information about Kathrins approach visit: www.growtogether.today


Online tuition with Bent Branderup
In winter 2018/2019 (December-February) it is for the first time possible to receive online tuition with Bent Branderup as a week student. This means you can book 5 days coaching in a row. You will receive a lesson every morning between 9 and 11. You can choose between live sessions or video feedback.

For those who still work with the basics, we recommend lessons with licensed trainers. If you start to feel ready for the groundwork- and longe test you can (with the recommendation of a licensed trainer) receive lessons from Bent.


Price per day per horse: 150 DKK/20 € (excl. Tax), straw and daily visit on a paddock included, mucking out of the horse boxes and hay for the horse are not included.



Where to stay

We can offer you rooms here at Lindegården.
A bed is 200,00 DKK/30 €(excl. tax) per night. We offer one double bedroom and one single bedroom. You will share the kitchen and living room with our practicants.


As an alternative you can chose one of the nice B&Bs in our area. We recommend www.fuglsangherregaard.dk

Terms and conditions

If you want to send a booking request or if you want to confirm a booking you requested verbally, please use the following form. Before sending it, please read  our

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