Weekend Clinics

Below you find the schedule of weekend clinics for 2019 and 2020 and the contact information of the organisers. 


09.00 - 10.00 am: first part of the theory by Bent Branderup
10.00 am – 14.00 pm: all riders receive their first riding lesson by Bent Branderup
14.00 pm: lunch
15.00 – 16.00 pm: second part of the theory
16.00 – 20.00 pm: all riders receive their second riding lesson by Bent Branderup


09.00 – 10.00 am: third part of the theory by Bent Branderup
10.00 am – 14.00 pm: all riders receive their third riding lesson and a training schedule
14.00 pm: lunch and closure of the weekend clinic by Bent Branderup

Clinics in 2020

January 25th/26th Ylvie Fros, Netherlands

February 1st/2nd Josefine Backman, Sweden
February 15th/16th Anja Hass, Germany (79650 Schopfheim)
February 22nd/23rd Kenneth Vansweevelt, Belgium
February 29th/March 1st Alexandra Bohl, Germany (35683 Dillenburg)

March 7th/8th Kristina Winholz, Germany (01445 Radebeul)
March 14th/15th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen)
March 21st/22nd Claudia Strauß, Germany (86706 Weichering)
March 28th/29th Arran Parker, England (postponed to August)

April 4th/5th Michelle Wolf, Denmark (cancelled due to Covid-19)
April 11th/12th Pascale Kern, Switzerland (online)
April 18th/19th Anna Eichinger/Viktoria Portugal, Austria (Vienna) (cancelled due to Covid-19)
April 25th/26th Christofer Dahlgren, Sweden (cancelled due to Covid-19)

May 2nd/3rd Imke Eisenschmidt, Germany (24259 Westensee) (cancelled due to Covid-19)
May 9thth/10th Ece Lara Bayram, Germany (65201 Wiesbaden) (cancelled due to Covid-19)
May 16th/17th Elise Nilsson, Sweden (online)
May 23rd/24th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen) (online)
May 30th/31st Dörte Bialluch Vaz Pinto, Germany (57482 Wenden) (online)

June 6th/7th Yvonne Heynckes, Germany (41372 Niederkrüchten) (cancelled due to Covid-19)
June 13th/14th Stine Larsen, Norway (online)
June 20th/21st Marion Van de Klundert, Netherlands
June 27th/28th Christofer Dahlgren, Sweden

July 4th/5th Anna Eichinger, Austria
July 11th/12th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen)
July 18th/19th Gerlinde Schnapperelle, Germany


August 15th/16th Anja Hass, Germany (79650 Schopfheim)
August 22nd/23rd Josefine Backman, Sweden
August 29th/30th Michelle Wolf, Denmark

September 5th/6th Annika Keller, Germany (22397 Hamburg)
September 12th/13th Ylvie Fros, Netherlands
September 19th/20th Jossy Reynvoet, Belgium
September 26th/27th Marius Schneider, Germany (59348 Lüdinghausen)

October 3rd/4th Sara Autelo, Finland
October 10th/11th Andrea Harrer
October 17th/18th Claudia Strauß, Germany (86706 Weichering)
October 24th/25th Ulrike Hug, Germany
October 31st/November 1st Hanna Engström, Sweden

November 7th/8th Corinna Reubold, Germany (64711 Erbach)
November 14th/15th Elise Nilsson, Sweden
November 21st/22nd Pascale Kern, Switzerland
Noveber 28th/29th Annick Kihn, Luxembourg 


December 5th/6th Marion Van de Klundert, Netherlands
December 12th/13th  Imke Eisenschmidt, Germany (24259 Westensee)
December 19th/20th Celina Harich