Summer Academy

The date for Summer Academy 2018 is August 1st to 4th


Once a year, Bent Branderup invites his advanced pupils to visit him at Lindegaard, his place in Denmark. Summer Academy starts at the first Wednesday in August with the puplic evening and ends with the round table of the Knighthood on Saturday.

During these days, Bent shows his own work with his horses, gives lectures on the education of horses and offers the possibility to ask questions. New aknowledgements about the work of the old masters, biomechanics and other developments are discussed, and the members of the Knighthood share their insights. Scientists and other professionals about horse related topics are regularly invited for lectures.


Next to further education, the members of the Knighthood use this possibility to meet, to compare notes and to interchange with each other. One of the main goals of the Knighthood is to become a brainpool of the experiences of many instructors on a certain high level, that are sharing opinions and helping each other. During the evenings, Bent Branderup and his team offer the possibility to join the barbeque at the fire place in the garden of Lindegaard, Bent Branderups home.


On Saturday, Summer Academy ends with the round table of the year where new squires and knights are affiliated with the Knighthood. Summer Academy is solely open to members of the Knighthood.

As a member of the Knighthood, please do not forget to registerin time. The invitation and the program you will find on